Infiniti Research Conducts Study to Analyze Current Hiring Market in the Bay Area

LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Recruitment is a challenge for organizations across industries. An effective hiring plan is therefore essential, as having a plan that is aligned with corporate goals and visions leads to better performance and employee retention. Analyzing the factors that lead workers to change jobs and turn to competitors, as well as examining employee perception of the organization, can help create a robust and successful hiring strategy.
Infiniti Research was recently approached by a multinational biotechnology product development company to perform an assessment of the current hiring market. The company wanted to identify and assess the best practices followed by employers in the target region, the Bay Area. Infiniti’s assessment team performed a reputation analysis of the client as an employer in the Bay area specific to areas such as salary, perks, facilities, HR policies, and job role. To meet the specific needs of the client, Infiniti’s research analysts held discussions with potential employees, recruitment experts, and HR executives across the business landscape and value chain.
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Market Developments
Connecting relevant job listings with job hunters who have the requisite skills can be a challenge on both ends of the process. Firms and recruiters struggle to be seen, and applicants need to filter through a multitude of listings that may or may not be related to their search. Technology giant Google is now stepping into the arena to help facilitate that process.
Rather than compete with existing job search sites, Google is focusing on making it easier for job seekers to find existing listings. Its new job search engine, Google for Jobs, is partnering with LinkedIn, Facebook, Monster, Glassdoor, and other services and will allow users to filter by qualities such as location, duration, and date posted. Its machine learning will also help return results that don’t necessarily match the query’s wording but are nevertheless related, such as similar jobs with different titles. Google reports that its pilot project has already increased job applicants by 18% for participating companies.
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Market Opportunities
In fields and locations where the job market is competitive, applicants have their choice of employers and companies must work to attract quality talent. Market intelligence can provide important data such as employee perception of your own company and your competitors, as well as the hiring practices and offerings of other companies within your field. Armed with this information, you will be well prepared to develop effective recruitment strategies to attract the right talent.
Infiniti’s latest market assessment of the hiring scenario in the Bay Area provided the client with insights into emerging trends and drivers specific to the recruitment industry, as well as a reputation analysis of the client as an employer in terms of factors such as salary, perks, facilities, HR policies, and job role. This allowed the client to assess the hiring scenario in the region and develop a robust and comprehensive hiring plan.
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About Infiniti Research

Established in 2003, Infiniti Research is a leading market intelligence company providing smart solutions to address your business challenges. Infiniti Research studies markets in more than 100 countries to help analyze competitive activity, see beyond market disruptions, and develop intelligent business strategies.
With 13 years of experience and offices across three continents, Infiniti Research has been instrumental in providing a complete range of competitive intelligence, strategy, and research services for over 550 companies across the globe.



Hujiang EdTech Launches Online Museum Project in Copenhagen to Promote Global Cultural Exchange

平顶山教育学院举行端午情主题诗会 传承华夏文明



Walton De-Ice systems installed at Top Global Broadcaster’s Satellite Earth Station to Protect Network Distribution Signals from Snow and Ice

SINGAPORE, May 23, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Satcomm2017 at Communicasia – Walton De-Ice (, the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of satellite earth station antenna (ESA) weather protection solutions, announced that it has installed Walton natural gas powered Hot-Air Plenum De-Icing systems for a top global media customer on two 9-meter satellite earth station antenna systems at the customer’s earth station facilities in the Southeastern United States.  The facilities support primary satellite network distribution and downlink resources to the news and entertainment divisions of the global broadcaster.
“By replacing antiquated electric heat-pad anti-icing systems with the much more effective and cost efficient Walton De-Ice’s natural gas solution, customers such as this top brand and major global media network ensure that snow and ice does not accumulate on the antenna reflector while they enjoy the most energy efficient system on the market,” says Ray Powers, Vice President of Business Development for Walton De-Ice.
Walton’s Hot Air De-Ice systems, including the company’s unique Plenum enclosure installed on the rear of an antenna, provide the most reliable and economic antenna de-icing solutions on the market, offering maximum flexibility with electric, natural gas, and liquid propane gas heater options.   Unlike other types of heaters, such as electric pad systems that can cause reflector distortion, Walton Hot Air De-Ice systems heat the entire antenna reflector and back structure  uniformly, which minimizes reflector distortion that can cause signal problems, even more so at Ku and Ka-Band.                                             
About Walton De-IceFor over 38 years, W.B. Walton Enterprises, Inc., known as Walton De-ice (, has designed and manufactured the broadest and highest performance line of De-Ice equipment available for satellite earth station antennas.  From its original hot air (Plenum) design which mounts behind antennas from 3.7 to 32 meters, to its Snow Shield Passive Cover, or Rain Quake, Ice Quake, Gas or Electric Forced Hot-Air De-Ice Systems for 0.6 to 6.3 meter antennas, Walton De-Ice delivers the most innovative and effective solutions to help protect critical satellite networks from degradation and outages due to weather. 
Press Contacts:                                   
For Walton De-Ice:             
Dan Fryer
AdWavez Marketing
+1 310-849-0721



冉莹颖录节目好拼 人家穿运动鞋她穿恨天高

Tractor Supply’s Spring Paper Clover Raises $825,000 for 4-H Youth

网络安全法动漫宣传片 002 国家网络安全的现状与重要性概述


网络安全法视频宣传片 第二集 国家网络安全的现状与重要性概述

CORRECTION: Kārtējā akcionāru sapulcē pieņemtie lēmumi

Labojums: Kļūdaini norādīts AS “Tosmares kuģubūvētava” padomes sastāvs pēc tās pārvēlēšanas.
Kārtējā akcionāru sapulcē pieņemtie lēmumi pareizā redakcijā:
Akciju sabiedrība „Tosmares kuģubūvētava”
Vienotais reģistrācijas numurs 42103022837
Ģenerāļa Baloža iela 42/44, LV–3402, Liepāja
kārtējās akcionāru sapulces, kas notika
Liepājā, 2017.gada 19.maijā, lēmumi
AS „Tosmares kuģubūvētava” valde informē, ka 2017.gada 19.maijā tika saņemts tās padomes locekļa Jāņa Skvarnoviča paziņojums par padomes locekļa amata atstāšanu.
Atbilstoši Komerclikuma 276.panta trešās daļas 1.punkta noteikumiem akcionāru sapulce ir tiesīga pieņemt lēmumu par padomes pārvēlēšanu arī tad, ja tāds jautājums nav bijis iekļauts darba kārtībā un tādejādi ievērojot Komerclikuma 296.panta noteikumus notika jaunas padomes vēlēšanas, kurās tika pārvēlēts viss padomes sastāvs.
1. Valdes ziņojuma par Sabiedrības 2016.gada darbības rezultātiem izskatīšana;
Pieņemt zināšanai Sabiedrības valdes ziņojumu par 2016.gada darbības rezultātiem.
2. Padomes ziņojuma par Sabiedrības 2016.gada pārskatu izskatīšana;
Pieņemt zināšanai Sabiedrības padomes ziņojumu par 2016.gada pārskatu.
3. Revidenta ziņojuma par 2016.gada pārskatu izskatīšana;
Pieņemt zināšanai Sabiedrības revidenta SIA „Orients Audit & Finance” ziņojumu par 2016.gada pārskatu.
4. Sabiedrības 2016.gada pārskata apstiprināšana;

Apstiprināt Sabiedrības 2016.gada pārskatu.
5. Sabiedrības 2016.gada peļņas sadale;
Nesadalīt Sabiedrības 2016.gadā gūto peļņu 21 899 EUR apmērā un novirzīt to Sabiedrības turpmākai attīstībai.
6. Sabiedrības revidenta apstiprināšana 2017.gadam;
1. Apstiprināt par Sabiedrības revidentu 2017.gadam SIA „Orients Audit & Finance”;
2. Apstiprināt atlīdzību revidentam 5 000,– EUR apmērā, neieskaitot pievienotās vērtības nodokli (21%);
3. Pilnvarot Sabiedrības valdi noslēgt ar SIA „Orients Audit & Finance” līgumu par 2017.gada finanšu pārskata revīziju.
7. Sabiedrības padomes pārvēlēšana un atlīdzības padomes locekļiem noteikšana.
1. Ievēlēt par Sabiedrības padomes locekļiem uz Komerclikuma 296.panta pirmajā daļā noteikto maksimālo termiņu:
1.1. Vasiliju Meļņiku;
1.2. Aleksandru Čerņavski;
1.3. Eināru Buku;
1.4. Henriku Murelu;
1.5. Larisu Artemenko.
2. Noteikt Sabiedrības padomes locekļiem atlīdzību šādā apmērā:
2.1. Noteikt Vasilijam Meļņikam atlīdzību EUR 6 250,– apmērā;
2.2. Noteikt Aleksandram Čerņavskim atlīdzību EUR 3 750,– apmērā;
2.3. Noteikt Eināram Bukam atlīdzību EUR 1 000,– apmērā;
2.4. Noteikt Henrikam Murelam atlīdzību EUR 1 000,– apmērā;
2.5. Noteikt Larisai Artemenko atlīdzību EUR 1 000,– apmērā.
3. Nodot revīzijas komitejas funkciju pildīšanu Sabiedrības padomei.
Ainārs TropiņšJuristsAS „Tosmares kuģubūvētava”Mob. tālr. 29406461


【球探】谁是下位亿元先生 内马尔领衔10才俊

EB Holdings II, Inc. Comments on Litigation Filed by the GoldenTree Group

DALLAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–EB Holdings II, Inc., a Nevada corporation, reports the following information in connection with its EUR 600m PIK Loan Agreement:
On August 26, 2016, in Las Vegas, the GoldenTree Group filed a lawsuit in Nevada State Court making numerous, unfounded accusations against EB Holdings II, Inc., Howard M. Meyers, Albert P. Lospinoso, Eco-Bat Technologies Limited, Quexco Inc. and RSR Corporation.
On November 29, 2016, Eco-Bat Technologies Limited, Quexco Inc. and RSR Corporation were dismissed from the lawsuit.

Howard Meyers, President of EB Holdings II, Inc. stated, “The GoldenTree Group embarked on a course of action in Nevada and after filing the initial complaint, the GoldenTree Group continued as late as last week to file further lawsuits with the Nevada State Court which are, we believe, unsubstantiated and untruthful.”
Further Howard Meyers stated, “Clearly disappointed with decisions made by the presiding Judge in Nevada State Court and fearful of the scheduled trial date in April 2018 to adjudicate the collectability of EB Holdings II, Inc.’s debt, and after failing to reach agreement during extensive settlement negotiations over the past several months, the GoldenTree Group filed yesterday, May 18, 2017; an Involuntary Petition in Federal Bankruptcy Court against EB Holdings II, Inc. We are of the opinion this additional lawsuit seeks to forum shop and circumvent the State Court proceedings.”
“We believe the petitioning creditors in the Nevada case – GoldenTree, Kneiff Tower, Mount Kellett, Grace Bay, and Arvo – have taken to bankruptcy court to avoid the consequences of their own state court lawsuit in Las Vegas,” Meyers said. “Knowing they could not properly call a default under the credit agreement to which they are purportedly parties, these funds lodged meritless claims in their state court lawsuit in an effort to improperly accelerate the debt.”
Meyers continued, “Improper acceleration has consequences: the GoldenTree Group’s actions have resulted in defenses and counterclaims disputing the entire balance of the loan. Not only have these defenses and counterclaims withstood three separate dismissal motions, the Nevada State Court has determined that they raise genuine issues of material fact. We believe that in an attempt to avoid facing discovery, the funds have now commenced an improper involuntary chapter 11 case. EB Holdings II, Inc. will vigorously defend against the involuntary petition.”
The involuntary case or the state court litigation against EB Holdings, Inc. is not expected to have an operational impact on its operating subsidiary, Eco-Bat Technologies Limited. Meyers said, “The company remains singularly focused on serving its stakeholders across the globe.”


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宁夏干旱带4千棵树被摧毁 管委会:不能耽误工期

REITIR: Viðskipti fruminnherja

Sjá meðfylgjandi tilkynningu um viðskipti fruminnherja.


江苏发展大会2万名志愿者上岗 餐饮事前多轮评估复查

Copart, Inc. to Webcast Third Quarter Fiscal 2017 Results

DALLAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Copart, Inc. (NASDAQ: CPRT) announced today that it will release earnings for the third quarter of fiscal 2017 after the close of market on Wednesday, May 24, 2017.
On Thursday, May 25, 2017, at 11:00 a.m. Eastern Time (10:00 a.m. Central), Copart will conduct a conference call to discuss the results for the quarter. The call will be webcast live and can be accessed at A replay of the call will be available through July 24, 2017 by calling 877-919-4059. Use confirmation code 76132729.
About Copart:

Copart, founded in 1982, provides vehicle sellers with a full range of remarketing services to process and sell salvage and clean title vehicles to dealers, dismantlers, rebuilders, exporters and, in some states, to end users. Copart remarkets the vehicles through Internet sales using its VB3 technology. Copart sells vehicles on behalf of insurance companies, banks, finance companies, fleet operators, dealers, car dealerships and others as well as vehicles sourced from the general public. The company currently operates in the United States (, Canada (, the United Kingdom (, Brazil (, Germany (, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, and the Sultanate of Oman (, Spain (, the Republic of Ireland (, and India ( Copart links sellers to more than 750,000 Members in more than 150 countries worldwide through its multi-channel platform. For more information, or to become a Member, visit


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Penarth Master Iss UK Regulatory Announcement: FRN Variable Rate Fix

Penarth Master Issuer PLC
144a Portion of GBP 200,000,000 Issuance
Class A2 Floating Rate Notes
Due 05/2020
Our Ref. MJ3053
ISIN Code. XS1237349714

VALUE DATE. 19/06/2017
INTEREST PERIOD. 18/05/2017 TO 19/06/2017
GBP 1,000.00 IS GBP 0
Short Name: Penarth Master Iss Category Code: RC Sequence Number: 583652 Time of Receipt (offset from UTC): 20170518T171120+0100


网络安全法动漫宣传片 002 国家网络安全的现状与重要性概述
上汽自动驾驶汽车硅谷开跑 加州路测牌照申请中

Huddle Unveils File Request, Making Bulk Requests Simple and Secure

SAN FRANCISCO, CA and LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM–(Marketwired – May 16, 2017) – Huddle, the leader in secure collaboration tools for enterprise and government, today announced the general availability of File Request, a new feature designed to make the collection of files more secure, and up to 80 percent more efficient.
Whether it’s chasing clients for files, or collating work from colleagues, teams can waste valuable hours requesting, tracking and chasing down documents. Managing the process of gathering files through email and spreadsheets presents a myriad of challenges including file size, mailbox limitations and, in the case of bulk file requests, a real nightmare trying to keep track of who has sent what files.
“We designed File Request to directly address these challenges,” explains Huddle’s Director of Product Luke Taylor. “Collected content goes straight into Huddle, meaning teams can immediately start collaborating; editing in Microsoft Office, controlling versions, making comments and requesting approvals. Critically, File Request inherits the same industry leading security capabilities used across the entire Huddle platform, so sensitive data is no longer at risk due to simple errors like sending files to the wrong email address, losing a USB flash drive, or accidental sharing of printed media.”
Users can request files from clients and colleagues, and receive them automatically in a chosen Huddle Workspace. File Request simplifies key elements of the file request process, including bulk requests (up to 500 files per Huddle Workspace), sending messages to chase down unfulfilled requests, and making sure documents end up in the right place.
Baker Tilly’s Audit Manager Kevin Fulcer shared, “Huddle has already made a difference on our client engagements, with many clients preferring the simple interface over email. File Request can make things even easier for our clients who can quickly check what is needed and then simply drag and drop the requested files straight into Huddle.”
With features specifically designed to address every step of the file gathering process, File Request simplifies key activities for both requestors and responders, improving efficiency, reducing frustration and assuring data security.
Key features of File Request:
Efficient file requests: Create requests from within Huddle; add one or more assignees, specify the upload location and set a due date. Requests for multiple files (up to 500 per Huddle Workspace) are easily managed, with Huddle automatically notifying assignees of new requests.
Responses made easy: File Request makes it quick and easy for assignees to respond and discuss requests. Files can be uploaded directly into the browser (with no special software required), where they are automatically added to the desired location. File size limitations are a thing of the past, with uploads of up to 10GB per file supported.
Progress tracking: The File Request dashboard takes the hard work out of document collection by offering a real-time overview and the ability to check the status of your requests; assignees are notified once you’ve accepted the document.
Painless chasing: Cut the frustration out of chasing unfulfilled file requests. Projects are kept on track by automated reminders to assignees in the run-up to your deadline.
Collected data is secure: All requests, collected files and associated communication are stored securely in Huddle.
Talking at the launch of File Request, Stuart Cochran, CTO, Huddle, explained: “We’re not simply exporting legacy ways of working into the cloud. File Request is the result of months of intensive research and development, and demonstrates very clearly that Huddle is focused on enabling knowledge workers to get project work done much more efficiently and securely. File Request shows how we put our customers’ business process transformation first, so our customers will be able to gather and manage files in a single, cloud-based environment.”
File Request is available immediately via Huddle’s Free Trial, and to new and existing Huddle customers on Plus, Premier and Government – Official Plans. For more information please visit
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About Huddle
Huddle is a secure cloud collaboration service that enables enterprise and government organizations worldwide to securely store, access, share, sync and work on files with everyone they need to — regardless of whether they are inside or outside of an organization’s firewall. Co-headquartered in London and San Francisco and with offices in New York City and Washington D.C., Huddle’s customers include 80 percent of Fortune 500 and 80 percent of UK government departments, as well as companies such as Kia Motors, Baker Tilly, Driscoll’s, Unilever and P&G. The company is privately held and backed by leading venture capital firms in the US and Europe. For more information visit or follow us on Twitter @huddle.


Cyber Security Law 网络安全法宣传视频系列001
小龙虾市场规模达千亿 你贡献了多少?